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Walk the Wreckage is a 3 piece metal band from Baltimore, MD. The Band was formed in 2016 by Ron Turner, Craig Tambascio and Joe Harman. Ron and Craig in the band Forwardhead and Joe was in Ghosts of Idols.  Walk the Wreckage immediately began writing and arranging new music. Some of the songs had vocal parts and others were instrumental. After working through 10-12 ideas the band decided to record an instrumental album with some of the strongest material. Visceral was recorded 2017 and released in 2018. Visceral is a hard hitting album featuring technical instrumental playing and the guitar wizardry of Ron Turner. In late 2019 Walk the Wreckage started recording several songs for a new release, Chrysalis.  Chrysalis is an intense and moody record full of melodic riffs, heavy prog rhythms, brilliant arrangements and virtuosic guitar solos.  Completed in 2020, all songs were recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ron Turner and Craig Tambascio.  Walk the Wreckage is continually writing and recording new music.

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